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AKC South Ridge's Orange Crush


This lady is as sweet as pumpkin pie. Always smiling and with the sweetest, laid back personality. Very obedient and eager to please. Her favorite activities are going to the dog park prancing around showing herself off! She is never more than two steps away from me. She lays her front legs over the side of the bathtub and gets as close to me as possible as I try to relax! Summer loves spending time in the woods with Trinity chasing down small game and running behind the boys on their 4-wheelers.

Summer is a lovely APRICOT color.

My best friend!

AKC South Ridge's


 Rhea is a 3rd generation Poodle here at South Ridge, she is the daughter of Charity and granddaughter of Summer. Sired by a lovely AKC Grand Champion red Poodle. Full spirit, sharp as a whip and a complete joy to own.

AKC South Ridge's Summer Sizzle


Vista is a daughter of South Ridge's Summer and Roman and is a second generation red here. She is a fun loving girl and firecracker with a zest for life! Extremely watchful and a forever fun loving puppy personality.

AKC South Ridge's Charity


This cutie pie is a Summer/Roman daughter bred right here at South Ridge. She is our second generation red. We could not have asked for a more intelligent, beautiful and loving girl. Very easy going, gentle girl who is always looking for a way to outwit you! Her parents are fabulous so its no surprise she is as lovely as she is.

AKC Moon Over South Ridge


Despite her appearance, this is one rugged, outdoor sporting-type girl. She is super loving and loyal and loves to chase the horses, play in water and yes of course get as muddy as possible! Luna has amazing watchdog capabilities and is always the first to sound the alarm. Although she is now solid white, she is actually a cream and white parti. By the age of 6 months the cream faded leaving her all white.

AKC South Ridge's Tabasco Tornado


current stud for all red litters

Ramsey sires our red litters and replaced our previous stud Roman when he retired. He is a typical male Standard with the forever playful puppy personality. He has never met a stranger and is just a big, silly teddy bear. Also know as the keeper of the porch fan on a hot summer day! He adores all people especially children. Gentle soul and a pleasure to own.​

AKC South Ridge's 5:00 O'clock Java


Miss Isabella has blossomed into this elegant diva right before my eyes. A bit on the quiet side and enjoys spending time lounging at your feet. She has claimed my son Cody as her human. If he is around I can forget it! She gets so excited when people "baby talk" her that she wiggles her whole body! As with most female Standards, she is an extremely good watch dog and alerts to strangers. 

AKC South Ridge's Tabasco Tsunami


Retired in 2017

This dog is amazing with the most beautiful face not to mention a personality true to the breed. I just love this guy. He is so demanding of affection and steals the heart of everyone he meets! Roman is the disciplinarian of the bunch. We often refer to him as "The Bouncer". He likes peace and harmony within the pack and is quick to squelch out arguments amongst the members. He is a great protector of his pack and keeps a watchful eye for intruders (such as cats, stray dogs and wild hogs). He has quiet the hound-dog mouth on him and there is no doubt when he sounds the visitor alarm!

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