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Welcome to

South Ridge

Standards !

Lafayette, LA

Specializing in Red and Parti

South Ridge is a small hobby farm with horses, parrots, peacocks, chickens and the most special of all...a wonderful pack of Standard Poodles who are raised and loved by myself and my two sons Cody and Tanner.

All of our Poodles live under foot as family members-no kennels here!

We stand behind our Poodles for a lifetime.

My opinion of Standard Poodles...

These poodles are a truly amazing breed with their intelligence, eagerness to please and gentle nature. They are a versatile breed that that can be happy lounging on the sofa watching old movies with you or out retrieving ducks on your next hunting trip!

Don't let the fluffy hair,pom poms and painted nails fool you! 

They are a very athletic, active and rugged breed who can mesh into any type of family but are most happy where they can do a little of everything. We enjoy the opportunity to share this wonderful breed with responsible owners seeking the perfect all-around pet. We call them that because mom's can have their pretty, fluffy poodle with the pink toenails, dad can have his hunting/fishing buddy and kids can have a steadfast, trustworthy playmate that will fetch all day long!

Now the best odor, dander or shedding and they are very accepting to other pets! But, this breed does require extensive, routine grooming that one must be prepared to provide.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful breed or are considering a poodle of your own, we want you to take your time, and give very careful consideration as this is a lifetime commitment you should not rush into. It is always best to interview different breeders and learn everything you can about what they are breeding for, health genetic health testing performed on parent dogs, health warranty offered, conformance to the breed standard and responsible breeding practices. Pretty dogs on a website can be a big misconception!  

Occasional litters of puppies are bred here at South Ridge and are available to qualified homes. In an effort to protect our offspring as well as our reputation of producing , healthy, quality dogs we prefer to place our poodles in responsible PET HOMES and not as breeders. 

Our Poodles are placed on spay/neuter agreements.

We do not provide AKC registration papers until proof of spay/neuter has been provided.

Occasionally pups can be purchased for breeding purposes on a case by case basis to approved breeders. 

 A few of our past pups


Our big move has been completed and the poodles are in absolute heaven as well as the whole family. There is plenty of acreage to roam freely and safely. Here we have it all-pasture, woods, ponds and lots of great places to romp and explore.

Thanks for visiting us!

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